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Share your thoughts in the official message boards of the Hurm.com network. Message boards exist for Local Heroes and some other affiliated groups.

Visit the Hurm forums at www.hurm.com/forums/.



  • Hurm Studio: The hands, brains, and soul of Hurm.com can be found in Hurm Studio. We make illustrations, graphic designs, Web sites, comic book art, and all sorts of visually artistic creations—and there may even be a little bit of writing, too.
  • Local Heroes: This is an online comic strip about the misadventures of a bunch of super-powered heroes.
  • Playtime Projects: Playtime Projects is an online comic about a children's show, its cast, and their shenanigans. It's childish fun in the heart of the Imagine Nation.
  • TheSurf.us: Joey's Web site, with some commentary and a few snapshots.
  • Superheroics.com: Gil will be showing off family snapshots here, as well as the occasional original comic book art piece.
  • BS&R: Britannia Search & Rescue, or BS&R, was the official Internet gaming group of Hurm.com. Based on Ultima Online's Baja shard, the BS&R guild fought the good fight and helped build stronger local player communities. This guild is no longer active, and is not accepting new members at this time.

  • Avalon: Avalon: City of Destiny is a player-city on Ultima Online's Baja Shard.